Tuesday, August 8, 2017

*Eli's first day of Ms. Hope's Pre-School*

Today was Eli's fist day of Pre-School w/ Ms. Hope (our favorite Pre K teacher ever)! So Eli is officially going to two schools in the AM and PM. It has been a struggle trying to juggle him getting to and from schools with me working, however I think it is all finally working itself out! He walked into Ms. Hope's house with no fear or anxiety at all, which made my mama heart so happy! The morning Pre-School is mostly for his speech and Ms. Hope is where I think he will learn the most. She is the best teacher ever, and I know Jaden would not be where he is at academically if it was not for her. Here is to an amazing school year for my baby!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

*Jaden & Eli First Day of School*

Today was Jaden's first day of 1st Grade and Eli's second year of Pre-School! I truly can't believe I have a child in 1st Grade and that Eli will only be in Pre-School one more year.  I cried again sending them off to school, I thought it would be easier but it definitely was not. Jaden just hugged me and walked away too, and that was hard to take.

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Time is really going by so fast, and with both of them going to school now (Eli almost full time) it's made me want to slow down time. I feel like I'm going to blink and it will be time to send them off on missions. then marriage and my mom heart can't take that haha. I love you boys to the moon and back and hope this year is amazing for you both!

Monday, June 19, 2017

*Eli's a Sunbeam 2017*

My baby has graduated from nursery into Primary and is now a Sunbeam! It's crazy how fast time goes, and how quickly these children of ours grow up. He has already given his first prayer and scripture moment in Primary.
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*Christmas 2016*

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*Pat's Run 2017*

Every year we do Pat's Run with Josh's whole family. This year we had our kids do it with us and it was so much fun. First we did the adult run, then a little while later Josh and I ran with Jaden and Eli, which I think may of been harder then running the adult one trying to keep up with them haha.
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*Easter 2017*

We had a great Easter this year! We did the Easter Bunny in the morning, went to church, then had dinner with my family. Love my cute matching boys in the tree!

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*First Dentist Visit July 2016*

It took me a long time to get them to their first dentist visit haha, but I finally did it! This was July 28, 2016, and we love the pediatric dentist that I chose for the boys. They both look forward to going every time and are so behaved when we go. It definitely saved my sanity to wait till they were a little older to take them.
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*Eli's First Day of Pre-School September 2016*

Eli started pre- school this last year! He tested into the speech therapy program at the Jaden's elementary school. So he was going Monday-Thursday for 2.5 hours, and he did amazing! His speech has come so far, and it has helped him so much in his behavior too. Before he would get so frustrated and cry because he couldn't find words to express himself. So proud of my sweet Eli and all the accomplishments he has made this last year in school.
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First School Pictures
Jaden- Kindergarten
Eli- Pre-School

*Birthday's 2016-17*

Eli's 4th Birthday kiss from mommy and daddy
Eli's 4th Birthday Party!!

My 31st Birthday!

Jaden's 6th Birthday Party!!
Papa's Birthday!
Jaden's 6th Birthday kiss from mommy and daddy

*Random Photos of 2016/2017*

Jaden winning a school award for being "the most respectful" in his class and all of  Kindergarten! 
The time I took all four boys to church and got a picture!
Family Dance at Life Time Fitness 2017
Jaden's end of the 2016-2017 school year Kindergarten Program 
Girls Vegas Trip April 2017
Trolls Themed Daddy/Daughter Dance 2017
Spring training baseball game w/ daddy
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Josh's Seattle, WA work trip Oct. 2016
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*For time and all eternity*

*For time and all eternity*

Suns Game

Thinking of a game plan

A kiss for good luck at the game!


Josh and I went on a wonderful honeymoon to Cancun, Mexico for 8 day 7 nights in an all inclusive resort. We had a blast from relaxing on the beach, swimming with the dolphins, snorkeling, all the way to taking a tour to the Chichen-itza Pyramids (that was Josh's favorite). All and all it was a very fun and romantic honeymoon and we owe it all to my new in-laws for making it possible!

Honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico

Honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico
Us in front of the beautiful ocean

Swimming with the Dolphins

The dolphin giving me a smooch!

Eating dinner at the HardRock Cafe


Yummy Pina Coladas