Wednesday, August 3, 2016

*Jaden's first day of Kindergarten*

I'm so behind on blogging it's embarrassing. Between work and family I just don't find the time anymore, however, it's still very important to me so I promise to catch up. Today is a day I don't want to forget and needed to get it down on the old blog.

Today is the day that my first born baby went to KINDERGARTEN. Now I seriously always thought I would be the parent that would be like "love ya, see you later", then scream and jump for joy because I would have freedom. That was not the case at all. No one can prepare you for this day, it was very emotional and anxious. I remember dropping Jaden off to pres-school and kind of forcing out a cry because I thought if I didn't maybe I wasn't a good mom haha. Jaden going to Kindergarten was a whole different set of emotions.

I cried in the days leading up to today, I cried last night, I cried this morning on the way home from the gym. I didn't cry a ton when dropping him off because of all the commotion going on with all the other kids/parents. Then I I got home and was kind of okay, Josh suggested we go to breakfast and on the way I lost it, and I totally lost it during breakfast too (everyone probably thought I was nuts). I think for me it was so hard, not because he will be gone for 6+ hours out of the day, it was that it's the first step he is taking to leaving me and not really needing me anymore. School years are going to fly by and then it's the mission which I can't even think about without getting sad.

My baby is growing up and that is a hard pill to swallow for me. My little man is a genius and is going to do amazing in school (he got tested for the advanced class and had the second highest score out of all the Kinder kids tested)! So extremely proud of him and his love for learning. His pre-school teacher was amazing in every way, and because of her he is fully reading, writing, and a little math whiz. Josh also gave Jaden a Father's Blessing this morning that was amazing and very heartfelt. I could feel the spirit so strong calming my nerves, and helping me know that everything was going to be okay. Here is to a great year of school for my baby!!

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*For time and all eternity*

*For time and all eternity*

Suns Game

Thinking of a game plan

A kiss for good luck at the game!


Josh and I went on a wonderful honeymoon to Cancun, Mexico for 8 day 7 nights in an all inclusive resort. We had a blast from relaxing on the beach, swimming with the dolphins, snorkeling, all the way to taking a tour to the Chichen-itza Pyramids (that was Josh's favorite). All and all it was a very fun and romantic honeymoon and we owe it all to my new in-laws for making it possible!

Honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico

Honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico
Us in front of the beautiful ocean

Swimming with the Dolphins

The dolphin giving me a smooch!

Eating dinner at the HardRock Cafe


Yummy Pina Coladas